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Paula Norton Photography, Cincinnati, OH
Paula Norton Photography, Cincinnati, OH


Price List

AAA - test item -- DO NOT ORDER!!! $12.88
ATSG THM4L60-E Automatic Transmission Technical Manual for 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L60E, MU-74400e $41.50
Champion Spark Plug RV15YC4 $2.99
Haynes Repair Manual -- Chevrolet and Gmc Pick-Ups: 1988 Thru 1993 2Wd and 4Wd $17.00
Haynes Repair Manual -- General Motors Chevrolet Lumina, Oldsmobile Silhouette, Pontiac Trans Sport 1990 thru 1995 $17.00
Offical Service Manual -- Pontiac 1992 Trans Sport Service Manual -- used, very good shape. $69.99
    A Place of Beauty A Joy Forever by Dr. Robert H. Schuller (2005) First Edition $22.99
    New England Coast by Hubbell, William; Wiggins, James Russell; Hubbell, Jean $27.88
    Spirit of the South by Bill Harris -- 1991 -- Portland House -- Hardcover $27.88
    Simply Shooters by Eugene Coolik $9.00
    The Instant Expert's Guide to Single Malt Scotch; 2nd Edition by Kevin Erskine $8.00
    Frank Sinatra Ol' Blues Eyes Remembered by David Hanna [Hardcover] $17.99
    Perfect Pairs: a Photographic Celebration by Hulton Getty $5.00
    Business & Investing
    Bottom Line Year Book 2016 and 67 Secret Special Reports $68.95
    Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!) by Stephan Schiffman $6.00
    How to Make the Stock Market Make Money for You by Ted Warren $180.00
    It's Your Money by Christos Cotsakos $3.99
    The Art of Contrary Thinking by Humprey Neill $6.00
    The Bottom Line Money Book $12.99
    The Options Course Workbook: Step-by-Step Exercises and Tests to Help You Master the Options Course by George Fontanills $25.00
    The Options Course: High Profit & Low Stress Trading Methods by George Fontanills $41.00
    The Publicity Kit: A Complete Guide for Entrepreneurs, Small Business and Non-Profit Organizations by Jeanette Smith. 1991 Edition $12.99
    Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess $9.99
    Chess in a Nutshell by Fred Reinhold $7.88
    Chess Traps Pitfalls & Swindles How to Set Them and How to Avoid Them by Horowitz, I. A. Reinfeld, F. $12.99
    How to Win in the Chess Openings by Horowitz $9.99
    Weapons of Chess: An Omnibus of Chess Strategies (Fireside Chess Library) by Bruce Pandolfini $10.88
    Cisco CCNA Self-Study Lab Work 640-802 and Workbook Docs CD $149.99
        Hacking & Security
        Hack Attacks Revealed: A Complete Reference with Custom Security Hacking NEW $35.99
        Hacking Exposed Network Security Secrets & Solutions 3rd Edition CD ROM NEW! $35.99
        Newton's Telecom Dictionary 7th Edition $7.99
        Building Net Sites with Windows NT by Jim Buyens $20.00
        Creating GeoCities Websites $10.99
        HIGH-TECH Marketing Companion by Dee Kiamy $12.00
        Idiot's Guide to On-Line Marketing $10.99
        Netscape Internet Business Starter Kit by Larry Edwards $15.00
        Stopping SPAM by ALan Schwartz and Simson Garfinkle $10.00
        Web Advertising by Design (Microsoft Press) by Mary Jo Fahey $12.00
        Maintenance & Repair
        A Guide to Managing and Maintaining Your PC, Second Edition by Jean Andrews $25.00
        CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide Exam 640-407, Todd Lammle, (c) 1999 $18.00
        CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide Exam 640-801, 5th Edition, Todd Lammle, (c) 2005 $18.00
        CCNA: Introduction to Cisco Networking Technologies Study Guide Exam 640-821, Todd Lammle, (c) 2006 $15.50
        CISCO: A Beginner's Guide, Tom Shaughnessy & Toby Velte, (c) 2000 $21.88
        SAMS Teach Yourself TCP/IP in 14 Days Second Edition, (c) 1996 $26.99
        Upgrading & Troubleshooting Networks (The Complete Reference), Craig Zacker, (c) 2000 $22.88
        Operating Systems
            Linux Complete $10.99
            Linux System Administration White Papers $12.00
            Red Hat Linux 7 For Dummies $14.00
            Upgrading and Repairing Your MAC by Lisa Lee $15.00
            MS-DOS Quick Reference (Que Quick Reference Series) by Que Development Group, (c) 1988 $12.95
            Upgrading to MS-DOS 5 by Brian Underdahl $8.00
                Windows 2000 Professional by Jerry Honeycutt $17.00
                Windows 2000 Professional In Record Time by Peter Dyson $15.99
                Peter Norton's Complete Guide to Windows 95 $15.00
                Windows 95 Secrets 3rd Edition with CD-ROM by Brian Livingston $15.00
                Peter Norton's Complete Guide to Windows 98 $14.99
                Windows System Policy Editor by Stacey Anderson-Redick $20.00
                Inside Windows NT Server 4 Certified Administrator's Resource Edition by New Riders $29.99
                Inside Windows NT Workstation 4 Certified Administrator's Resource Edition by New Riders $29.99
                Mastering Windows NT Server 4, 6th Edition by Mark Minasi $31.99
                MCSE NT Workstation 4 Study Guide with CD-ROM by Charles Perkins, Matthew Strebe, and James Chellis $22.99
                Microsoft Internet Information Server Resource Kit by Microsoft Press $21.99
                MICROSOFT WINDOWS NT 4.0 SECURITY, AUDIT, AND CONTROL by James James, Neil Cooper, Paula Chamon, Todd Feinman $21.99
                Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Resource Kit (3 Vol. set) with CDROM. $49.99
                Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Resource Kit -- Supplement 2. $22.99
                Microsoft Windows NT Workstation Resource Kit by Microsoft Press $34.95
                Windows NT Registry Troubleshooting by Rob Tidrow, Mark Blackham $19.99
                Windows NT Server Management and Control by Kenneth Spencer and Marcus Goncalves $21.95
                Windows NT Workstation 4.0 Internet and Networking Handbook by Robert Bruce Thompson $19.99
                Networking with Windows XP by Christian Peter $7.00
                Windows XP Home Edition The Missing Manual by David Pogue $16.00
            Special Edition Using ActiveX by Brian Farrar $16.00
            Apache Server 2.0 (The Complete Reference) by Ryan Bloom $19.99
            Apache Server for Windows Little Black Book: The Indispensable Guide to Day-to-Day Apache Server Tips and Techniques $17.50
            Apache Web Server Administration and e-Commerce Handbook by Scott Hawkins $19.99
            Appware: A Developer's Guide by Margaret Robbins $349.99
            CGI Fast and Easy Web Development (Fast & Easy Web Development) [Illustrated] $12.00
            Relational! Database Using dBASE III Wilson Price 1988 with Student Data Disk $149.99
            Salvaging Damaged dBASE Files: Step-By-Step Procedures for Recovering and Restoring Damaged Files by Paul Heiser $25.00
            Inside Excel for Windows 95 by Bruce Hallberg $17.00
            Quick Reference Guide, DDC, Excel 4: IBM PC by Karl Schwartz $8.99
            Using Excel for Windows 95 by Joshua C. Nossiter $10.00
            HTML Web Publishing 6 in 1 by Todd Stauffer $12.00
            Inside Dynamic HTML by Scott Isaacs $13.00
            SAMS Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML and XHTML in 21 Days (2001 Edition) by Laura Lemay $16.00
            JavaScript for the World Wide Web Visual QuickStart Guide (3rd Edition) by Tom Negrino $11.00
            Microsoft Office
            Learning to Use Windows Applications Microsoft Works 2.0 for Windows by Shelly Cashman $6.99
            Microsoft Office 97 For Windows For Dummies $8.99
            Learning Perl by Randal Schwartz and Tom Phoenix $17.00
            Photoshop 4 Bible for Windows 95 by Deke McClelland -- NEW -- CD unopened. $29.99
            Inside Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 by Ron Soukup Microsoft Press with CD $39.99
            Visual Basic
            Advanced Visual Basic Techniques $17.00
            Visual Interdev
            Visual Interdev 6 from the GROUND UP by Joseph O'Neil $16.00
            Windows Scripting Host
            Sams Teach Yourself Windows Script Host in 21 Days by Thomas Fredell $15.00
            10 Minute Guide to Wordperfect 6.1 for Windows (Like New) $5.00
            Wordperfect 6 for Windows Super Book/Book and Disk by Marilyn Claff $18.88
            Wordperfect 6 for Windows Visiref (Paperback) $10.00
            Wordperfect 6 for Windows VisiRef by Elden Nelson $8.99
            WordPerfect Office 2002: The Official Guide (Osborne CORELPRESSTM Series) $35.00
    Cook Books
    365 Ways to Cook chicken $7.99
    Amish Cooking -- Hard Cover with Ring Binder $9.99
    Country Italian Cooking -- Hard Cover with Ring Binder $9.99
    Irish Cooking -- Hard cover with Ring Binder $9.99
    Kitchen Library Quick Short Chicken by Confident Cooking HC $9.99
    North American Hunting Club (NAHC) Wild Bounty Cookbook -- NEW $11.99
    Going Global 2015 Casey Research International Man Publication HARDCOVER $11.99
    Fifty Shades of Grey -- E L James -- ISBN 9780345803481 $13.99
    Health, Mind & Body
    Anatomy Coloring Book, The (3rd Edition) (Paperback) $25.88
    Ariadne's Thread: A Workbook of Goddess Magic $12.00
    Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution -- Completely Updated, 2002 $4.99
    Everything you always wanted to know about sex by David Rueben (hardcover) $44.99
    Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology, Sixth Edition by Frederick Martini $41.75
    How to Find God: Living Water For Those Who Thirst $6.00
    How to Improve Your Eyesight by Margaret Darst Corbett (hardcover) $33.00
    It's the Right Time to Take a Pledge for Better Health (Speaking of Women's Health, Volume 4) by National Speaking of Women's Health Foundation $7.99
    Love, Sex, and Lasting Relationships by Chip Ingram $7.00
    Potatoes Not Prozac, A Natural Seven-Step Dietary Plan to Stabilize the Level .. $8.99
    Skinny Bitch by rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin $7.00
    Tai Chi (CD-ROM for Windows/Mac -- NOT A BOOK) Video Lessons by a Skilled Expert $10.99
    The Better Sex Guide, by Nitya Lacroix $29.99
    The Longevity Bible: 8 Essential Strategies for Keeping Your Mind Sharp and Your Body Young by Gary Small M.D. $9.99
    Time For Healing - Relaxation For Mind & Body - Catherine Regan PhD (CD) $12.99
    Unmasking the Face: A Guide to Recognizing Emotions From Facial Expressions by Paul Ekman $12.00
    Why I Wore Lipstick: To My Mastectomy by Geralyn Lucas $6.00
    Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the American West $9.99
    LIVING HISTORY by Hillary Rodham Clinton -- Hardcover $19.00
    Reader's Digest Great Events Of The 20th Century: How They Changed Our Lives (Hardcover) by Reader's Digest Association $39.99
    The American Reader: WORDS THAT MOVED A NATION (Paperback) by Diane Ravitch $9.99
    The Art of War By Machiavelli, Niccolo -- Ellis Farneworth Translation $18.99
    The Book on Bush: How George W. (Mis)leads America by Eric Alterman and Mark Green $16.50
    The Torch is Passed ... (President John F. Kennedy) The Associated Press Story of The Death of a President $28.00
    The Truth about the Assassination by Charles Roberts (JFK, John Fitzgerald Kennedy) $10.99
    Wake-Up Call: The Political Education of a 9/11 Widow by Kristen Breitweiser $14.00
    Where the Wild Things Are (Paperback) by Scholastic $12.99
        Le Robert & Nathan grammaire de l'italien $74.95
        Exacto! Authentic Spanish for GCSE Listening and Reading Comprehension 0199120889 $21.92
        Let's Play Games in Spanish - Kindergarten-8th Grade and Volume 1 $9.99
    Literature & Fiction
    A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh Mystery Series #10) [Large Print] (Paperback) $120.00
    All Emergencies, Ring Super - Dead Letter Mysteries - by Ellen Emerson White $4.99
    All You Need to Be Impossibly French: A Witty Investigation into the Lives, Lusts, and Little Secrets of French Women (Paperback) $7.29
    Bad Memory (Paperback) by Duane Franklet $5.00
    Bright Lights, Big Ass: A Self-Indulgent, Surly, Ex-Sorority Girl's Guide to Why it Often Sucks in the City, or Who are These Idiots and Why Do They All Live Next Door to Me? $7.00
    Christ Stopped at Eboli With a New Introduction by the Author $8.99
    Common Nonsense by Andy Rooney $6.00
    Don't Sweat the Small Stuff at Work (Paperback) by Richard Carlson $10.00
    Leaving Home. A Collection of Lake Wobegon Stories. $11.99
    Looking for Bobowicz: A Hoboken Chicken Story [Hardcover] by Daniel Pinkwater $8.00
    Me Times Three: A Novel (Paperback) by Alex Witchell $8.00
    Murder at the Pta Luncheon (Hardcover) by Valerie Wolzien $9.99
    Nine by Jan Burke $4.79
    Reader's Digest Select Editions Volume 4 2006, Volume 286; False Impression By Jeffrey Archer, At First Sight By Nicholas Sparks, Sun At Midnight By Rosie Thomas $5.00
    Reader's Digest Select Editions Volume 4 2006, Volume 286; False Impression By Jeffrey Archer, At First Sight By Nicholas Sparks, Sun At Midnight By Rosie Thomas, Cover Your Assets By Patricia Smiley (Paperback) $7.99
    Sense of Evil by Kay Hooper $4.99
    The Death of A Criminal Justice System $22.01
    The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know by E.D. Hirsch, Joseph Kett, James Trefil $9.98
    The Divine Romance by Gene Edwards $9.00
    The Longings of Women [Hardcover] by Piercy, Marge $15.99
    The Secret of New York City Revealed: Being the Autobiographical Fragments of the Then Recently Married Thomas Howard Chronicling His Numerous Discoveries in the City of That Name $9.99
    The Shape Shifter by Tony Hillerman $6.39
    The Shifting Tide: A William Monk Novel $8.00
    Trial by Ordeal (Paperback) by Craig Parschall $7.00
    White Hot by Sandra Brown $6.39
    Mystery & Thrillers
    33 Classic Stories by the Creator of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle $9.00
    44 DUBLIN MADE ME (Hardcover) $14.99
    A Question of Blood (Inspector Rebus Mysteries) [Paperback] by Rankin, Ian $12.99
    Bone Walker: Book III of the Anasazi Mysteries by Kathleen O'Neal Gear $5.00
    Criminal Conversation by Evan Hunter $6.29
    The Big Bad City (87th Precinct Mysteries) $4.00
    The Search for Justice: A Defense Attorney's Brief on the O.J. Simpson Case by Robert Shapiro $12.99
    White Hot by Sandra Brown $7.19
    Counter Violence Your Guide To Surviving A Deadly Encounter by EJ Owens $15.95
    Storm Warning by Jack Higgins $4.99
    Parenting & Families
    Life Strategies for Teens $8.99
    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Stepparenting $9.99
    The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything by Melissa Kirsch $9.00
    Adam's Rib by Ruth HerschBerger -- Hardcover -- 1948 edition $42.88
    Dismal man: Two radio plays by Jon Christopher Hughes $99.99
    Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach $31387.50
    Player Piano -- Kurt Vonnegut -- Hardcover -- 1952 edition $99.99
    The Fate of Man: An Unemotional Statement of the Things That Are Happening to Him Now, and of the Immediate Possibilities Confronting Him $797.99
    Cultural Literacy: What every American Needs to Know by E.D. Hirsch, Jr. $8.50
    NIV Deluxe Gift & Award Bible (Imitation Leather) $10.00
    Secrets of Consulting: A Guide to Giving and Getting Advice Successfully by Gerald Weinberg $19.99
    That Might Be Useful: Exploring America's Secondhand Culture by Naton Leslie $15.00
    The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know (Hardcover) $18.00
    The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary $5.50
    The Reinvention of Work: New Vision of Livelihood for Our Time by Matthew Cox $6.00
    The World Almanac and Book of Facts 1996 $31.88
    A Match Made in Dry Creek (Love Inspired 391) (Dry Creek Series 10) by Janet Tronstad $3.00
    A McKaslin Homecoming (Love Inspired #)by Jillian Hart $3.00
    Are You My Mommy: Count on a Cop (Harlequin Superromance No. 823) by Kay David $3.99
    Cry of My Heart (Heartsong Presents #701) by Linda Ford $3.00
    Everlasting Hope (Oregon Brides Series 2) (Heartsong Presents 619) by Tracy Bateman $3.00
    If the Shoe FIf the Shoe Fits by Stephanie Rowe its by Stephanie Rowe $4.99
    Listening to Her Heart (Heartsong Presents 705) by Joyce Livingston $3.00
    Love on the Run (The Salinger Sisters #1) $4.00
    Loving Tenderness (Love Inspired 323) (Loving Series 7) by Gail Gaymer Martin $3.00
    Meeting Her Match (Love Inspired 402) by Debra Clopton $3.00
    Moving the Mountain (Heartsong Presents 703) by Yvonne Lehman $3.00
    Once Upon a Family (Fostered by Love Series 1) (Larger Print Love Inspired 393) by Margaret Daley $3.00
    Spring Flowers, Summer Love (Love Inspired 392) by Lois Richer $3.00
    The Heart of Grace (Love Inspired 401) (The Brothers' Bond, Book 3) by Linda Goodnight $3.00
    The Prisoner's Wife (Heartsong Presents 708) by Susan Page Davis $3.00
    Whole Lotta Trouble by Stephanie Bond $4.99
    Science & Nature
    A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes $13.99
    Sports & Outdoors
    De Critsoforo's Complete Book of Power Tools, Both Stationay and Complete $44.88
    Travel Smart: Ohio by Marcia Schonberg $9.99
    Vacation Bermuda 1985/86 from the Princess Hotels $13.99
    Vacation Bermuda 1987/88 from the Sonesta Beach Hotel $13.99
    Pioneer Express Paizley Print Ladies Zippered Hand Carry Bag $12.99
        Polartec Classic 300 Fleece Jacket, black, X-large. $15.99
        London Fog Faux Suede Jacket Tan/Beige Zip Out Liner no Hood -- Small/Petite $27.99
        London Fog Suede Jacket Tan/Beige Zip Out Liner with Hood -- Medium (M) $27.99
        Smile Fish Women Casual Zip-up Hoodie Jacket, Beige, XL, with tags $24.99
    Harry Potter LICENSED Gryffindor House 100% Lambs Wool Scarf with Crest $27.95
        Fioni striped satin kitten heels size 6 1/2 sz 6.5 $10.00
        Sexy Stylish Women's Closed Toe Pump Size 7 Medium -- CityScape Style $249.99
        Sexy Stylish Women's Closed Toe Pump Size 8 Medium -- Bedroom Style $249.99
        Sexy Stylish Women's Closed Toe Pump Size 9 1/2 (9.5) Medium -- CityScape Style $249.99
        Sexy Stylish Women's Closed Toe Pump Size 9 Medium -- CityScape Style $249.99
        MEN'S American Eagle Outfitter Sweater 100% Lambs Wool Long Sleeve Sweater $22.99
    Brandy Decanters $10.99
    German (Germany, Deutschland) 1974 World Champion FoosBall Five (5) Liter Beer Stein $751752.00
    Holiday & Seasonal
    Christmas Xmas Medium Red White Blue 12" Santa Statue Figurine with Lantern $89.99
    Mickey Mouse Snow/Water Globe 2009 Christmas Holiday -- lot of 2 $9.99
    Vintage Porcelain Alpine Cottage Candle House Tealight Holder $21.99
    Linens, Fabric & Textiles
    Friends of NRA 20th Anniversary shirt (1994-2014) banquet ticket and 4 stickers $1899.99
        Tapestry, United States, Moon/Lunar Landing, 61 Stars on Flag (Germany) 1974 $529231.00
    CAMEL Turkish Silver CIGARETTES RARE Pack Sealed Smokes -- Rob Corradetti $249.99
    CAMEL Turkish Silver CIGARETTES RARE TIN Sealed Smokes $1249.99
Computer Hardware
    5 pin DIN plug to 2 x RCA / Phono $6.00
    7 Pin S-video Male to 3 RCA Male Cable -- 10.5" long $4.99
    Adaptor - PS2 female to DB9 female mouse $4.25
    GENUINE PACKARD BELL D12-10-1000-07 5061359305 AC ADAPTER 9V 1A POWER SUPPLY $21.99
    Keyboard Adapter - PS/2 Female 6-Pin to AT Male 5-Pin $3.99
    Keyboard Adapter - PS/2 Male to AT Female 5-pin (DIN5) $3.99
    Keyboard AT to PS/2 Adapter; Din5 Female to MiniDin6 Male $3.99
    Modular Telephone Line T-ADAPTER RJ11 PLUG/2XRJ11 Jacks $2.49
    Phone Splitter - RJ-12 (M) - RJ-12 (F) - Cream Color $7.50
    PS2 Male to USB Female $3.99
    RCA 1 Female to 2 Male RCA Adaptor $2.99
    Switching Adapter-JHS-Q05/12-S335- Output: 12v 2a/5v 2a $19.95
    Lot of 8 Dell Rechargable Li-ion Battery, 66Whr, 75UYF, 1691P AS-IS Bad $12.99
    Blank CDs DVDs
    25' RCA Patch Cord $8.00
    AC Power Cable 6-Foot Power Cord for PC $4.59
    Audio Y Cable Splitter 1-Mini Plug/2-RCA Plugs (6FT) $5.00
    BELKIN Model: A3L791-14-YLW-S 14 foot category 5E snagless patch cable $7.99
    Belkin Universal Serial Bus (USB) Cable -- 6ft. $5.00
    Cisco 3FT Foot Back to Back DCE/DTE DB60 Crossover Cable LOT of 2 $21.99
    Cisco Aux (auxillary) Cable $3.99
    Cisco Console Cable $3.99
    Cisco Fasthub 400 Stacking Cable 72-1660-01 NA-CWSC400CAB-C Lot of 2 $19.99
    Cisco v.35 Cable, DTE, Male, 10 feet CAB-V35MT 72-0791-01 lot of 2 -- NEW $31.95
    Eltop Electronics Universal Serial Bus (USB) Cable -- 6ft. $5.00
    Enhanced Parallel Port Cable, DB25 Male/DB25 Male, 6-ft. (1.8-m) $11.29
    IDE DRIVE FLAT RIBBON CABLE -- DUAL -- 16" Length $3.99
    IDE DRIVE FLAT RIBBON CABLE -- DUAL -- 18" Length $3.99
    IDE DRIVE FLAT RIBBON CABLE -- DUAL -- 20" Length $4.25
    IDE DRIVE FLAT RIBBON CABLE -- DUAL -- 24" Length $4.25
    IDE DRIVE FLAT RIBBON CABLE -- SINGLE -- 16" Length $3.99
    INTERNAL POWER CABLE -- Converts 5.25in/3.5in CONNECTORS -- 3 1/2" Length $2.79
    INTERNAL POWER CABLE -- Converts 5.25in/3.5in CONNECTORS -- 4" Length $2.79
    INTERNAL POWER CABLE -- Converts 5.25in/3.5in CONNECTORS -- 6 1/2" Length $2.99
    INTERNAL POWER Y-CABLE -- 5.25in CONNECTORS -- 8.5" Length $2.99
    INTERNAL POWER Y-CABLE -- 5.25in/3.5in CONNECTORS -- 7 1/2" Length $3.00
    INTERNAL POWER Y-CABLE -- Converts 5.25in/3.5in $3.25
    INTERNAL POWER Y-CABLE -- Converts 5.25in/3.5in CONNECTORS -- 3 1/2" Length $3.25
    LapLink Parallel Connector Cable 6ft $6.99
    Monitor AC Power Adapter Cord $2.25
    Null modem cable - (DB-9) - F - 6 ft - PC $3.00
    PAN International Patch Cable CAT5 $3.99
    SVGA 10' Monitor Cable IBM $12.99
    Telephone Cable -- RJ11 RJ12 -- Solid 4 Wires -- 12 foot in length $6.00
    Telephone Cable -- RJ11 RJ12 -- Solid 4 Wires -- 6 foot (or longer) in length $2.89
    Telephone Cable -- RJ11 RJ12 -- Solid 4 Wires -- 6 foot (or longer) in length $2.89
    Universal Serial Bus (USB) Cable -- 3.5ft. (clear plastic, braided shield) $4.00
    Universal Serial Bus (USB) Cable -- 5ft. $5.00
    Universal Serial Bus USB Dual Rear Panel Bracket $6.25
    Desktop PCs
    Disk Drives
        Verbatim External Slimline CD DVD Writer 98938 $27.95
        External USB 2.0 Hard Drive, Seagate, 250GB $81.00
        Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 80 GB ATA-100 IDE Hard Drive $34.89
        Panasonic Zip Drive, 100MB, Internal and 2 zip disks. $40.99
    Docking Stations
    Dell Latitude Docking Station (Port Replicator) 1978u and Monitor Stand $50.00
    Floppy Controllers
    MicroSolutions CompatiCard I PC XT 8-bit ISA Floppy Controller VINTAGE 1987 $2345.99
    Game Controllers
    Mako PC Game Pad $19.99
    IDE Controllers
    Vision Enhanced VESA IDE VL Apaptor Multi Controller Card QD6580 V3.0 $89.99
    DELL C500 C640 4000 4150 KEYBOARD KEY (LISTING = 1 KEY) $1.29
    Logitech Internet (967057-0403) Keyboard $17.88
    Micro Innovations KB565BL Keyboard, Multimedia Control Panel $15.88
    Microsoft Digital Media Keyboard 3000 $17.99
    BELKIN Omniview E Series 4-port KVM Switch F1DB104P $17.99
    Dell Latitude C640 Laptop Windows XP Home 2.0GHz 640MB RAM CD-RW/DVD $149.99
    Dell Latitude C640 Laptop with XP-Pro and SP3 $339.99
    Dell Latitude C640 Laptop with XP-Pro and SP3 and MS Office 2007 $409.99
    HP Compaq Presario F700 with Windows Vista 32 bit $419.99
    Windows Terminal Server Dual Boot NT4 and Citrix WinFrame v1.7 Enterprise & More $499.99
    Hynix PC2100 128MB DDR SDRAM 266MHz 184 pin $15.99
    Memory modules, SIMM, 1MB, 30pin $7.99
    Memory Modules, SIMM, 4MB, 30pin $24.99
    3 button serial mouse (like new) $5.99
    Belkin ComboMouse, 2 Button PS/2 & Serial Mouse: F8E195 $5.99
    Radio Shack 2 Button Scroll Mouse $5.99
    Supervoice 14.4Kbps Data/Fax/Voice Mail modem, internal, ISA bus $99.95
    US Robotics Sportster V.90 External Faxmodem 56K Model 005686-03 $18.99
    19" Relay/Server Rack, Book Shelf with 4 casters $138.95
    Cisco WS-X5224 24 port 10/100 switching module $69.99
    Hewlett Packard and ConnectWare 10Base-T RJ45-AUI D15 Transceivers LOT of 2 $52.99
    IBM - Token Ring cable - RJ-45 (M) $12.99
    IBM Token-Ring Auto 16/4 Credit Card Adapter (PCMCIA) $62.44
    IBM TOKEN-RING DATA 10/100 Base-TX Adapter - RIT I3712017 $15.99
    IBM TOKEN-RING DATA I/O STP Connector - 73G8315 - AMP 9716U/M $15.99
    IBM TOKEN-RING DATA I/O STP Connector - 73G8315 - AMP 9817U/M $15.99
    IBM TOKEN-RING DATA I/O STP Connector - 73G8315 CEI 33/00 $15.99
    IBM Turbo 16/4 Token-Ring PC Card (PCMCIA) $62.44
    IBM Turbo 16/4 Token-Ring PC Card 2 (PCMCIA) $62.44
    Intel PCLA8110 EtherExpress16 -- 2 NICs $130.00
    Kingston KNE110TX 10/100 PCI NIC $8.99
    Linksys home & small office 5-port starter kit ethernet 10baset $55.99
    NS-468 Twin-end Multifunctional Network Cable Tester for BNC RJ45 $35.99
    Ortronics 24 port Cat5e Patch Panel OR-851004904 $24.95
    Ortronics Cable Management Panel- 2U OR-808004818 $24.95
    Power Supplies
    Compaq SkyNet Printer AC Adapter Powercord Model DND-3005-A 17E0300 $52.00
    ASP Auto Printer Switch. Share 2 PCs and 2 printers $30.99
    Epson R280-R290 CD DVD TRAY $12.88
    HP Genuine Original 0957-2231 AC Power Adapter for Photosmart C4480 C4485 C4400 $18.00
        Ink Jet Cartridges
    Routers & Hubs
    2Wire HomePortal 100 - Gateway - Ethernet, HomePNA 1.0, HomePNA 2.0 - external $59.95
    Cisco 2512 Access Server Router with 8MB Flash Token Ring and 2 Octal Cables $165.99
    Cisco 2520 Frame Relay Router, AC cable, 4 DCE/DTE, console cable, and brackets $129.99
    Cisco CCIE CCNA Home Lab 2503, 2514x2, 2515, 2524x4, Catalyst 1900, Fasthub 400 $229.99
    CISCO Fasthub Unmanaged Hub Series 400 424 24-Port AUTO 10/100 Used $29.99
    Cisco Systems WS-C5000 Catalyst 5000 Series Network Switch with Supervisor III Engine -- 84 ports!!! $799.99
    CISCO WS-C424M 24-port Fasthub Managed Hub 400/424 Series Management Console $45.99
    D-Link DI-624 Wireless 802.11g Broadband Router WIFi $35.00
    IBM Token Ring Hub MAU 8 port Type 8226-001 RJ45 Mfr P/N 04H7656 $169.99
    Juniper WX-20 Case Fan -- JMC 7424 4028-12 $41.99
    Juniper WX-20 Copper Heatsink with mounting bracket, screws $44.95
    Juniper WX-20 Face Plate $29.99
    Juniper WX-20 Power Supply P1G-6300P 300W 6.3A/250V 100-240V 60-50Hz 6-3A $49.95
    Netgear 54 Mbps Wireless Router and PC Card Kit. Router WGR614. PC card WGB511 $67.99
    PrimaScan Colorado 2400u Scanner 36-bit Color USB Interface $34.99
    Tapes, Blank
    3M (10) & Verbatim (2) DC-2120 Mini Data Cartridges (1/4") -- Lot of 12 USED BULK ERASED $40.00
    DC-2120 Tape, Maxell, 2 Pack (NIB) $11.49
    Maxell DC-2120 Mini Data Cartridge (1/4") -- Lot of 5 NIB $20.00
    D-Link DSB-H3SP 3 port USB Hub with 1 Parallel Port and 1 Serial Port $39.99
    Video Cards
    16bit ISA VGA video card with cirrus logic chip CL-GD5401-42QC-B) 2MB RAM $39.99
    ATI 109-49800-10 Rage Pro Turbo AGP 215R3DUA33 RGPRO 49801 $79.99
    Jaton 3DForce B-16 Graphics Card $28.99
    STB Horizon PCI Video Card Mfr P/N 1X0-0321-007 Cirrus LOGIC CL-5430-QC-C $79.99
    STB systems, Inc. S3 Virge/GX 86C385 Nitro 3D/GX PCI video card 210-0262-001 $39.99
    Vintage Pine PT-524/8/9 Cirrus Logic CL-GD5429 VESA VGA graphics video card $59.99
    XFX PVT44AWANG GeForce 6200 256MB 64BIT GDDR2 AGP 8X Video Card $39.99
    Web Site Hosting
    Web Site Hosting, Design, and Account Setup (Standard Plan) $269.00
Motorola Micro-USB Charger SPN5356A - RAZR 2 V8 V9 V9M Q9 Q9H Droid Bionic RZR $12.88
Orion 076R074150 Remote, man TV1928 MT1120 TVM1903A TV1329 COM2551 VR213 WT1902 $14.95
Solid Copper Heatsink with mounting bracket, screws $44.95
Sony PlayStation 1 Gray Console (NTSC - SCPH-9001) $12.99
Vintage OK Digital Logic Probe -- Model PRB 20 $29.99
    Legacy LA320 Series II - 2 Channel 500 Watt Bridgeable High Performance Car Audio Amplifier - USED $45.00
    Answering Machines
    AT&T Digital Answering Machine Model 1717 $11.88
    Cell Phones
    AC Wall Charger for Kyocera K132 K312P K325 Marbl K323 $4.00
    Jabra EasyGo Wireless Bluetooth Headset, charger, earbuds, ear hook, PDF Manual $21.99
    LG VX5400 Verizon GRAY Flip Phone AC charger - Very Good Condition CLEAN $25.00
    OEM SPN5356A Home/wall/travel/house charnger for Motorola cell phone -- NIB $7.99
    Used, working, Cricket Kyocera K132 cell phone $23.99
    Cordless Phones
    Radio Shack ET-3556 Cordless Phone Handset 43-3556 $11.88
Friends of the NRA High Caliber Club Lapel Pin $22.98
Kel Tec PF-9 Grip Extension $5.00
Kel Tec PF-9 Red Trigger Lock $5.00
USCCA Developing a Personal Protection Home Invasion Plan DVD $16.95
USCCA Home Security & Home Defense DVD $16.95
Antique Leather Office Chair -- Rocks and Swivels $899.00
Brass Table Lamps, 3 way - Set of 2 with shades $50.00
End Tables - set of two $35.00
Entertainment Center $45.00
Faux Leather Easy Chair -- rocks, has leg extension $55.00
Fireproof Vault/Lateral 2 Drawer Filing Cabinet $1299.00
Folding Table - Brown (34" x 34") with Padded Top - Like NEW $25.00
Halogen Desk Lamp, Black, extra bulbs $20.00
Kitchen/Work/Craft Table $65.00
Lift Chair, Blue, Used, Works Great. $224.00
Mirror $21.00
Porcelain Lamp $25.00
Restonic Queen Size Mattress, Box Spring with Metal Frame and heavy duty casters. $250.00
Staples® Sidley™ Luxura® Executive High-Back Chair, Black, Office -- USED, Like New $49.95
Thomasville 6 Drawer Dresser High Boy Chest of Drawers from 1967 $1554.99
Health & Beauty
Ensure 14oz can - Vanilla - (case of 6 cans) -- NEW, Unopened $45.00
    Glucose Monitors
    Diabetes Blood Glucose Monitor -- Accu-Chek Aviva Diabetes Meter Kit $21.88
    Diabetes Blood Glucose Monitor -- Ascensia Breeze 2 $21.88
    Diabetes Blood Glucose Monitor -- Bayer Breeze 2 $21.88
    Diabetes Blood Glucose Monitor -- FreeStyle Freedom Diabetes Meter Kit $21.88
    Diabetes Blood Glucose Monitor -- FreeStyle, Therasense, Diabetes Meter Kit $21.88
    Diabetes Blood Glucose Monitor -- The OneTouch® UltraMini $21.88
Home & Garden
    2 slice toaster. Works great. Like new. $5.00
    Fusion-Life-Brands-Perfect-Cooker-3-Cup-Size-NIB $19.99
    Pasta Express $9.89
Jewelry Box $33.09
NGK Spark Plug 2411 B8ES $5.00
O-ring kits for Mikuni carburetors $10.00
Riding Gloves, Leather, Cut off Fingers, Size L -- Used, great shape!!!! $10.00
Riding Gloves, Leather, Cut off Fingers, Size XL -- Brand NEW!!!! $12.00
Schrader Valve Stems and Front Fork Chrome Covers for an 82 Suzuki GS850GZ $8.00
Suzuki Cam End Covers from a 1982 GS850GZ $17.00
Suzuki Gas Tank Emblems $25.00
Suzuki GS850GZ MAC 4-1 Performance Exhaust -- Chrome -- Muffler ONLY! $150.00
Suzuki Motorcycle Corrugated Aluminum Exhaust Seals $5.00
Suzuki Reflector Front Fork $5.00
Valve Stem Caps -- Chrome $2.99
Movies & Videos
    Stargate (Ultimate Edition) (Extended Cut) (1994) $10.00
    The Legend of Black Thunder Mountain (DVD, 2002) Director: Tom Beemer $8.00
    A Kiss Before Dying $9.99
    A Raisin In the Sun -- Sidney Poiter $9.99
    American Buffalo (VHS, 1997) LeadingRole: Dustin Hoffman $9.99
    Amistad -- Morgan Freeman, Anthony Hopkins, Mathew McConaughey $9.99
    Angel City (AKA Field of Tears) - Jennifer Jason Leigh $41.88
    Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon $19.99
    Greatest Ever NFL's Series Box Set Volumes 1-3 VHS $19.99
    How To Play The Piano ...Instantly - VHS Video $11.88
    Lawrence of Arabia $19.99
    Midnight Cowboy (VHS, 1998) LeadingRole: Dustin Hoffman, Jon Voight $9.99
    Mission Impossible -- Tom Cruise, Jon Voight $9.99
    Saving Private Ryan $19.99
    The Apartment 1960 - Jack Lemmon, Shirley McClain $9.99
    The Blue Lagoon -- Brooke Shields, Christopher Atkins $9.99
Audio Cassette Storage Carry Case TDK D90, Sony HF 90, Fuji DRII 90 Blank LOT $49.99
    An Introduction to Classical Music CD $179.99
    Chicago IX - Greatest Hits (CD, 1995) $24.38
    Eric Clapton & Friends: In Concert: A Benefit For The Crossroads Centre At... $17.95
    Frontiers -- Journey $9.99
    The Best Of Blind Melon: Tones Of Home $9.99
    The Very Best of The Doobie Brothers $19.99
    Van Morrison - Live at Montreux 1980 & 1974 New DVD $17.99
Office & Business
HP Everyday Glossy Photo Paper, 8 1/2" x 11", 50 sheets - NIB $9.35
Staples Photo Supreme double-sided matte paper, 8 1/2" x 11", 50 sheets - NIB $8.99
    Fax Machines
    Paper Shredders
Adobe Acrobat 3.0 -- Exchange, PDF Writer, Distiller, Capture, Reader, Catalog, Type Manager. For both Windows and MacIntosh computers. $75.99
American Rifleman PDN Personal Defense Combat Focus Shooting Home Defense Tips $18.95
Borland Delphi 1 for Windows 16 Bit Rapid Application BOR 8117 (BOR8117) $12.99
Drive Image 4.0 by PowerQuest $25.99
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Companion CD $2.51
Lotus Ami Pro v3.01 word processing software (books are for v2.0), Adobe Type Manager, Bonus Pack, and Macro Developer's Guide $199.99
MicroBrew Internet Tools for the Non-Programmer for Windows and MacIntosh -- Network Multimedia 1996 (Collector's Item) $53245.90
Microsoft Project 98 Full Version with CD Key -- Part no. X03-77257 $69.99
Microsoft Visual Fox Pro (FoxPro) Professional Edition v5.0 CD $152.88
North American Hunting Club Series Deer Hunt Whitetail Pursuit DVD $12.79
    Client/Project/Time Managent
    2) Single User License - Client Management System (Client, Project, and Time Management Software for Attorneys) $399.00
    3) Convert SUL to NL - Client Management System (Client, Project, and Time Management Software for Attorneys) $399.00
    4) Network License - Client Management System (Client, Project, and Time Management Software for Attorneys) $798.00
    5) Network Station - Client Management System (Client, Project, and Time Management Software for Attorneys) $99.00
    6) Network Station (5 Pack) - Client Management System (Client, Project, and Time Management Software for Attorneys) $396.00
    a) Users Guide - Client Management System (Client, Project, and Time Management Software for Attorneys) $50.00
    b) Replacement CD - Client Management System (Client, Project, and Time Management Software for Attorneys) $30.00
    Diagnostic Software
    WinGear Troubleshooting & Diagnostics 2002 CD - 691500201266 (collector's item?) $69.99
    WinGear Troubleshooting & Diagnostics Suite 98 CD -- WG980831 (collector's item?) $69.99
    Graphic/3D Software
    Corel Print House 2000 for Windows $129.99
    Impact Plus CD along with the Resource Disk CD -- 3D Image Software $69.99
    My Type Artist $14.99
    Roxio Easy Media Creator v7.5 10th Anniversary Edition Content/Themes CD $29.99
    BidFind -- Want more visitors to your auction site? $12.51
    IBM Startup2 (Startup 2) -- Featuring IBM's Award Winning Home Page Creator $54.88
    MCSE Readiness Review CD for Internet Information Server 4.0 Exam 70-087 by Microsoft Press $4.51
    Symantec pcANYWHERE 32 Version 8.0 and CU-SeeMe $69.99
    Web Page Designer by Proventure $12.99
    Operating Systems
        Extra-Strength Partition-IT & Select-IT CD-ROM and Manuals $25.99
            Windows 95 OEM OSR2 Full Version $24.99
            Windows 98 SE Second Edition Full CD OEM NEC $70.99
            Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Workstation (Full Retail Version 4.0 CD-ROM) $47.88
            Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 5 CAL $69.99
            Microsoft Windows NT Server Enterprise Technologies Instructor CD ROM $3.01
            Microsoft Windows NT Server Resource Kit Version 4.0, Supplement Two by Microsoft Press $17.99
            Windows XP Home -- OEM $80.99
    Point of Sale
    2) Single User License: 124 dealers - Data Management System (Point of Sale Software for Antique and Craft Malls) $1639.00
    3) Convert SUL to NL - Data Management System (Point of Sale Software for Antique and Craft Malls) $299.00
    4) Network License - Data Management System (Point of Sale Software for Antique and Craft Malls) $299.00
    5) Network Station - Data Management System (Point of Sale Software for Antique and Craft Malls) $99.00
    6) Network Station (5 pack) - Data Management System (Point of Sale Software for Antique and Craft Malls) $396.00
    a) User Guide - Data Management System (Point of Sale Software for Antique and Craft Malls) $50.00
    b) Replacement CD - Data Management System (Point of Sale Software for Antique and Craft Malls) $30.00
    Utility Programs
Sports & Recreation
Golf Balls -- Centurion Group -- NEW in plastic tube $5.99
Used Golf Balls -- like new -- total count 426 $100.00
    ACTIVEON Accessories CAM CX - Head Strap AM02A -- NEW, NIB $9.99
    JAGERMEISTER Lanyard Key Chain Badge Access Card Holder $21.99
    JagerMeister Sun Visor $13.54
    US Military Army USMC OD Green MOLLE II ALICE Clip Adapter -- Lof of 6 $16.95
    USGI Army ALICE LC-2 LARGE Field Pack OD Green Frame, Straps, Belt, Cargo Shelf $365.99
    USGI USMC OD Green MOLLE II K-Bar Adapter Kabar $6.95
    Assorted Billiard Trophies $25.00
    The Ulti-Mate (ultimate) Cue Tip Tool $14.99
    Exercise Equipment
    Roller Blades -- Prowler DBX -- ABEC5 -- Size 8 $27.99
    ULTIMATE Gemini 3122 Torso Pack Hiking Waist Bag Day Pack Backpack $24.99
250 psi Tire inflator $24.95
Actron CP7838 Fuel Pressure Tester $45.88
Automotive Compression Tester. $21.99
Craftsman 28613 3/16-in. Edgebead Router Bit -- NIB $24.95
Craftsman 64204 3/8-in. x 1/2-in. Rabbet Router Bit -- NIB $21.95
Craftsman 64213 1/8-in. Roundover Router Bit -- NIB $24.95
Gunson Colortune14mm $52.95
Securit Pull Key Reel Wearable Key Organizer Stainless Steel 04990 $14.95
Steering Wheel Puller with Case $15.88
Tap and Die set -- SAE and Metric $30.00
TRUEBITE -- Solid Carbide Broken Bolt & Stud Removers 1/4" coarse $30.00
TRUEBITE -- Solid Carbide Broken Bolt & Stud Removers 1/4" coarse $30.00
TRUEBITE -- Solid Carbide Broken Bolt & Stud Removers 1/8" $9.00
Toys & Games
    Card Game -- Shoot the Moon $5.00
    Chess Set, Glass $21.99
    Coleco Quiz Wiz #1 -- Computer Question/Answer Game (collector's item?) WORKS!! $19.99
    Trivial Pursuit "Know-It-All" Edition $18.99
    Trivial Pursuit - Junior Trivia H-432, 2 Skill Levels (5-9 yrs & 10-13 yrs) $15.99
    Trivial Pursuit Genius Edition with Genius II and Baby Boomer cards $59.99
    Shoulder holster with toy gun and a 45 caliber cap gun $5.00
    Tommy Machine Gun 45 calibre $5.00
    Empire Glow In The Dark 1000 Piece Puzzle -- Victorian Christmas $15.49
    KID'S Countdown Calendar to Christmas $3.00
    The World's Smallest Jigsaw Puzzle 4" x 6" 234 small pieces -- Puppy Playmates $8.99

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