Advertise your antique mall, web site, product, or service with the CCS Super Store. Currently, we offer the following form of advertising on our shopping site:

  1. Fixed Banner Advertising:

    1. Your banner ad appears in the "Sponsors" area (down the left or right side of our shopping site's main page).
    2. Your ad appears in the same position everytime the shopping site's main page is viewed.
    3. Maximum of 125 pixels wide by 125 pixels high.
    4. Maximum file size of 25KB.

  • Animated banners are accepted.
  • We can design a banner ad for you at a nominal cost.
  • The cost is just $7.95 per month for either type of ad.
  • 3 month minimum (3 months prepaid).
  • Pay for a full year and get 3 additional months for FREE! (i.e., pay for 12 months get 15 months.)

When you're ready to begin your advertising campaign, contact We'll get your banner ad setup and running in no time.