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Paula Norton Photography, Cincinnati, OH
Paula Norton Photography, Cincinnati, OH

BidFind -- Want more visitors to your auction site?

Item Category: Home/Software/Internet/
Item ID: 218
Product code:
Item Location: Covington, KY (41011)
Payment Methods: Check, Money Order, PayPal
Ship Internationally: Yes (Additional Charge)

In stock: Yes
(1 avail)
Our Price: $12.51

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Item Description

Want more visitors to your auction site?

Well, BidFind is the place to list your items (at no charge) where people looking for stuff might come across your listing (imagine if eBay allowed you to post the title, description, and price of your items on their site without charging all those fees!).

Buyers still have to come to your auction site to buy the item -- BidFind just lists your items. (You must, of course, register with BidFind.)

What is it we are selling?

We are selling our PHP script designed to work with the Web2035 auction software. No modifications are made to the Web2035 software itself -- this script runs as a standalone application. It just sits on your web site, doing nothing. When the BidFind site visits your site, it reads the script, and processes the items listed on your auction site. It takes a little time to register with BidFind and get approved, but once set-up is complete it requires little to no maintenance.

The output from the script (you can view our copy) is quite unreadable to people as the output is designed for input to BidFind's site. However, if you view the source and make sure "word wrap" is off, you can see the columns of data quite well.

What do you get for your $12.51?

You get the source code to the script (emailed to you) and notifications of updates (BidFind changes their specs from time to time and we will implement changes as necessary). Here are the instructions (contained within the script):

  1. Place the script on your website.
  2. Modify a couple of lines in the script to connect to your database.
  3. Go to the BidFind web site and register.

It takes a week or so for BidFind to approve you (some people write really crappy scripts and BidFind has to review your site). However, our script has been approved and our items are being listed by BidFind on a regular basis. Take a peek at our listings on BidFind.

Want to get your items listed on BidFind, but need help in getting this implemented, or want someone else to handle the details?

Well... we can do everything for you for a nominal charge -- just send me an email.

Also, we can modify the script to work with other auction software.

and... we do web site hosting and design and can write HTML, PHP, Javascript, and MySQL code for you.

Misc Stuff...

Shipping Costs:
NONE -- Free Shipping!!  
Shipping Terms and Conditions:
We ONLY ACCEPT payments via PayPal and ONLY SHIP to CONFIRMED addresses (please ensure you have a confirmed address BEFORE paying.)

Charges for shipping, handling, and insurance are NOT refundable and are for destinations within the continental U.S. (i.e., the lower 48).

If you reside outside the continental U.S. there will be a shipping/handling surcharge (i.e., a charge in addition to the listed charges) based upon where, and how, you want the item shipped. Please contact us before purchasing with your address and where/how you want the item shipped so we can figure how much the additional charge will be.

All prices include Kentucky sales tax where applicable.

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Howard Rawlings Antiques, Old Hickory, TN
Howard Rawlings Antiques,
Old Hickory, TN
Web Site Hosting, Design, and Account Setup
Web Site Hosting


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