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Paula Norton Photography, Cincinnati, OH
Paula Norton Photography, Cincinnati, OH

Lotus Ami Pro v3.01 word processing software (books are for v2.0), Adobe Type Manager, Bonus Pack, and Macro Developer's Guide

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Item ID: 279
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Item Location: Covington, KY (41011)
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Item Description

Lotus Ami Pro  v3.01 word processing software (books are for v2.0), Adobe Type Manager, Bonus Pack, and Macro Developer's Guide.

Used, but in like new condition. I have:

  • The original box.
  • Manuals:
    • User's Guide for v2.0.
    • Installation Guide for v2.0.
    • Style Sheet Guide for v2.0.
    • Basic Tutorial Guide for v2.0.
    • User's Guide for Adobe Type Manager.
    • SmartPics Starter Kit.
    • Macro Language Manual.
  • Disks (original disks from Lotus):
    • Lotus AmiPro v3.01 (set of 12).
    • Adobe Type Manager v3.01 (set of 2).
    • Working Together Bonus Pack (set of 2).
    • Macro Developer's Kit.

When I bought this software it came with 5.25" disks and a coupon to get 3.5" disks. When I sent the coupon in, Lotus told me they no longer had v2.0 disks and sent me v3.01 instead.

This is a legal set of books and disks for Lotus AMiPro v2.0/v3.01 along with the Macro Developter's Kit.

The disksettes are A-OK as far as I know, but I also have them backed up to CD in case you might need a replacement.

Want to move some text? Highlight it, and then click and hold the cursor anywhere in the highlighted area. The cursor becomes a pointer with a scissors. Now move the cursor anywhere, then release the button to move the text. This is without doubt my favorite 3.0 feature.

The Smartlcons just got smarter. In Ami Pro 2.0, you couldn't make your own icons, and modifying the Smartlcon bar was a pain. Version 3.0 has multiple Smartlcon bars, plus icons that are simple BMP-type bitmap files that you can alter or create with Paintbrush. You can also put "spacers" between groups of icons, allowing you to put the cut, copy, and paste group in a different area from the frame create and frame modify group.

Right mouse-button support: You've always wanted it; now, you've got it. If you're like me, you're constantly modifying a style or a frame. Under 2.0, that meant highlighting the item in question and then clicking on some menu item to change it. Now, you just click the right mouse button. It's an improvement, for sure, but why don't vendors follow the lead of Micrografx, which lets you define the right mouse button to do anything in its Designer product?

Ami Pro 3.0 lets you see a document now before opening it; it lets you do the same thing with a style sheet. And that style sheet preview is useful, as serious Ami Pro users depend upon style sheets. Trust me: You're wasting your time massively if you're not using style sheets.

Envelope printing is no fun under any circumstances--on a humid day, not only will the laser printer address the envelope but it will also conveniently seal it. But the new envelope-printing function in Ami Pro 3.0 is easy to use. The program also has a new-and-improved mail merge for those of you creating junk mail with your PC.

Ami Pro has always had a spelling checker and a thesaurus. Now, the spelling checker is the unabridged Houghton-Mifflin dictionary. There's also one of those annoying grammar checkers, if you like that sort of thing. They're good for finding some things that spelling checkers can't find, such as when you type verses when you meant versus.

There's a tutorial that will get new users up and running quickly, as well as improved context-sensitive help. For WordPerfect users, there's a SwitchKit that makes Ami Pro respond to the WordPerfect keystrokes.

If you need a full-featured word processor, Ami Pro 3.0 is every bit as good as Word for Windows.

Misc Stuff...

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