We design, market, and support a variety of vertical market applications and are always open to new projects. In addition, we also design applications according to your specifications as well as make changes and/or enhancements to existing applications.

  Client Management System Manage clients, projects, time records, phone calls, and expenses. Designed for attorneys with the help of an attorney.  
  Data Management System Point of Sale software for antique malls, craft malls, cooperatives, and auction houses. Track sales, dealers/customers, inventory (only if you want), business expenses, process layaway and split sales, and more.

Data Management System (DMS) is the ultimate antique mall accounting software program for point of sale (POS) operations. It was specifically designed for antique malls (antique malls, single antiques dealers, craft malls, and auction houses), however... it can be used by most any business needing to track sales, customers, and inventory.

Download a demo copy from our on-line store

  Friends Friends provides an easy, fun, and efficient way to record, classify, and maintain your "friends" (i.e., the members of your club). Provisions for reports, mailing labels, and eMail Blasts! are built in! Free download from our on-line store.  
  Random eMail Signature Changer Random email Signature Changer (ReSC) is a nice little utility program (written in dBASE PLUS, of course) that will add a signature to your emails and/or newsgroup posts.

The program has a number of settings such as selecting a quote at random, the time to wait before selecting another quote, the addition of "static" text in the signature. Free download from our on-line store.

  Vital Statistics VS is a powerful database for tracking vital statistics such blood sugar/glucose levels, blood pressure (both the systolic and diastolic values), your pulse and, your weight.

VS was designed to be cost effective, easy to learn, and above all... easy to use. It is networkable and scalable (while a basic single user license allows up to 5 patients, it can maintain more than 1 million patients). Free download from our on-line store.