Vital Statistics (VS) is a powerful database for tracking vital statistics such as:

  • Blood sugar/glucose levels (can mark as fasting/non-fasting).
  • Blood pressure (both the systolic and diastolic values).
  • Pulse.
  • Weight (both a before and after value).

VS was designed to be cost effective, easy to learn, and above all... easy to use.

The basic single user license provides for 5 patients.

However, the program is both scalable (it can maintain more than 1 million patients) and networkable. The basic license can be expanded to the number of patients you need. Contact us for details.

Purchase a demo copy from our on-line store and see for yourself what a great program VS is.

Vital Statistics

VS will save you time, save you money, and help you maintain accurate records.

The base package includes the following three (3) integrated modules:

  1. Patients -- Information such as name, address, contact information (phone numbers, email address, etc.).
  2. Statistics -- The statistics themselves (BP, Pulse, glucose level, weight, etc.).
  3. Food -- The amount of food (calories, fat grams, carbs, protein, etc.) the patient is consuming.


  • Is scalable.
  • Is networkable.
  • Runs on Windows XP Home/PRO, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.
  • Contains a number of settings and customizable features for operation in most any legal office.
  • Can handle over 1,000,000* distinct Patient IDs.
  • Can print reports such a list of patients, statistics for a specific patient.
  • Includes customizable report/invoice formats (can designate company logo, location of title, and which fields to print on client invoices).
    • We can design custom report headings for a nominal charge.
  • Includes text search and filtering of records.
  • Includes a User ID, Password and Access Table (UPAT). Designate up to 32 user ID's in addition to the supervisor. Can restrict level of access (e.g., add, edit, delete, print reports, configure, etc.).
  • Has audit trails: System automatically records user ID, date, time, and workstation ID when a record is added, edited, deleted, copied, or recalled (security settings must be enabled to track the user ID).
  • Includes a phone dialer (TAPI dialer included with the Windows operating system) to contact clients. Program can automatically open a new time record when the call is made.
* The actual limit is dependent upon a number of factors including, but not limited to, size of hard drive, size of record in the table (characters per record), maximum number of records allowed per table by the database engine, etc., etc., etc.