Random email Signature Changer (ReSC) is a nice little utility program (written in dBASE PLUS, of course) that will add a signature to your emails and/or newsgroup posts.

The program has a number of settings such as selecting a quote at random, the time to wait before selecting another quote, and the addition of "static" text in the signature.

Download a free demo from our on-line store and see what a nifty little program RESC is.

The on-line reference manual contains instructions for setting up Outlook Express (OE) to work with RESC. (Setting up other email programs should be similiar.)

Random eMail Signature Changer


ReSC has a number of settings as shown in the screen shot below:

Random eMail Signature Changer


The following is a sample signature:


     Ninety-Ninety Rule of Project Schedules: The first 90% of a project takes the 1st 90% of
     the time. The remaining 10% of a project takes the OTHER 90% of the time.