Technical Specifications

Add Patients Form
  • Store over 2 million patients
  • Record information such as:
    • Name (last, first, MI).
    • Patient ID (up to 8 alphanumeric characters).
    • Company name
    • Tax ID
    • Address
    • City, State, Zip
    • Codes (can be used to quickly identify different groups of patients):
      • Those with high BP (H).
      • New (N).
      • Those taking certain medications (X).
      • Make up your own codes as you deem necessary.
    • e-mail address.
    • URL (web site address).
    • Phone numbers (home, work, fax, pager, cell).
    • Notes (information pertinent to this patient).
    • Miscellaneous data (SSN, children, spouse).
  • Print mailing labels.
  • Print reports.