Data Management System (DMS) is the ultimate antique mall accounting software program for Point-of-Sale (POS) operations. It was designed specifically for antique malls, single antiques dealers, craft malls, and auction houses... however, it can be used by most any business needing to track sales, process layaways, record customer information, and process inventory items.

Purchase a demo copy from our on-line store and see for yourself what a fantastic Point-of-Sale system DMS is.

Antique Mall Accounting Software

DMS (the ultimate antique mall accounting software program for point of sale operations) has been in use, across the USA, since early 1993 and contains the features requested by our customers. Our antique mall accounting software is easy to learn, easy to use, and above all...

Will save you time and money, because... our antique mall accounting software:

  • Eliminates the drudgery of writing sales receipts by hand.
    • You can, of course, write sales receipts by hand and enter them into our antique mall accounting software at your convenience.
  • Eliminates errors in addition, computation of sales tax, and computation of discounts on sales receipts.
  • Eliminates errors in recording and maintaining:
    • Sales taxes.
    • Antique mall commissions.
    • Antique mall booth rent.
    • Special charges to dealers in the antique mall.
    • Discounts.
    • Credit card surcharges.(Our antique mall accounting software even has a provision to pass the credit card charges back to the selling dealer in the antique mall -- this can save your antique mall a significant amount of money!)
    • Check surcharges. (Our antique mall accounting software has a provision to pass a surcharge back to the selling dealer in the antique mall for sale spaid for by check!)
  • Prints daily sales reports, in just minutes, so you can quickly and accurately balance the cash drawer.
    • The network version has the capability to balance each individual cash drawer.
  • Prints booth reports for the dealers in just minutes.
    • Sales information is neatly organized across the page (we've gotten numerous comments from our antique mall owners and managers that their dealers find our reports are much easier to read than those from other antique mall accounting software programs).
  • Updates and maintains dealer/customer information.
    • Customer information is NEVER required and a number of our customers make "cash customer sales" unless selling an item on layaway.
  • Inventory quantity is updated when an is sold or returned (but ONLY if the inventory control is being used).

The base package of our antique mall accounting software includes the following three (3) integrated modules:

  1. Point of Sale -- records information about the items sold in your antique mall, or shop, and credits them to the proper dealer.
  2. Dealer/Customer Management -- records information about the dealers in your antique and/or craft mall who have items for sale and the customers to whom those items are sold. (Dealer information is needed so that sales can be properly credited. Customer information, while not required, will enable the generation of customer lists, wish/want lists, mailing labels, and the ability to analyze sales by zip code.)
  3. Layaway Payments and Split Sales -- records payment information for:
    • Layaway sales (12 payments maximum).
    • Split sales (i.e., sales with multiple methods of payment such as cash/check or traveller's check/gift certificate). Maximum of 3 payment methods.
Plus... We have over two dozen (28) optional modules that provide special features and added functionality.

Like we say... "DMS is the ultimate antique mall accounting software program for point of sale operations". It was specifically designed to track sales, dealers, customers, and inventory (only if you want) for antique and/or craft malls, and auction houses.

Our antique mall accounting software demo allows all features of the program to be evaluated, and, for those who want to really test our antique mall accounting software before purchasing it, we have a trial kit that allows the software to be used for up to 90 days or over 3,000 items to be entered (whichever comes first).

And get this... we have a number of customers who are so pleased with the features, performance, and rock solid stability of the DOS version of our antique mall software that they continue to use it and we continue to provide support (now that's what you call customer service)!

Our antique mall accounting software is: