System Wide - Settings/Features

System Options
System Options Form
  • Set printer port for checks, sales invoices, reports, labels.
  • Set control codes for each printer port.
  • Set default database.
  • Set screen saver delay, speed, and tail length.
  • Assign supervisor password.
  • User ID, password, and access table for up to 16 users.
  • Currencty Symbol.
  • Date format.
  • Decimal point character.
  • Thousands separator character.
  • Set mall commission (up to 3 rates with 2 cutoff amounts).
  • Number of sales invoices to print.
  • Organize program by.
  • Pay sales taxes back to all dealers.
  • Subtract booth rent from all dealers.
  • Subtract misc fees (up to 2) from all dealers.
  • Set sales tax rate (0.00% to 99.9%).
  • Set register number (primarily for network installations).


Print Setup


Built in Security with User ID, password, and Access Table.


Point-of-Sale - Settings/Features

Point-of-Sale Miscellaneous Settings
Point-of-Sale Miscellaneous Settings Form - Primary Settings Section
Point-of-Sale Miscellaneous Settings (secondary page of)
Point-of-Sale Miscellaneous Settings Form - Other Stuff Settings Section
  • Custom messages.
    • Invoice message for 80 column sales invoices.
    • Invoice message for 40 column sales invoices (included with the optional module to print on receipt printers).
    • Booth report message to inform dealers of changes or up-coming events.
  • Set style of checks to be printed.
  • Check INVENTORY CONTROL when items are sold (set to check/do not check).
  • Display warning message if item not in inventory (Y/N).
  • Print sales invoices (Y/N).
  • Prompt for MOP (method of payment).
  • Prompt for amount tendered.
  • Prompt for check number.
  • Prompt for credit card number.
  • Set dealer surcharge rate (0.00% to 99.9%) for check sales.
  • Print checks for dealers with $0.00 or less in sales (Y/N).
  • Set dealer surcharge rate (0.00% to 99.9%) for credit card sales (set separate rate for 6 different cards).
  • Print chronological or booth order sales invoices.
  • Compute change for gift certificates (Y/N).
  • Set "stub line" for 9039 style checks.
  • Adjust mall commission computations.
    • On the full amount of the dealer's sales.
    • On the amount of the dealer's sales that exceeds a specified cutoff value.
  • Prompt for on-the-fly sales invoice message.
  • Set ending day of reporting period (0-28).
  • Set layaway down payment percentage (0.00% yo 99.9%).
  • Set layaway down payment override code (so only certain operators can accept less than what DMS computes the down payment to be).
  • Distribute layaway payments to dealers as received or only after item has been paid in full.
  • Report layaway sales on SALES TAX report when sold or paid in full.
  • Subtract 1/2 booth rent.


Designate the allowable methods of payment your mall accepts


Dealer/Customer Management - Settings/Features

Dealer/Customer Management Miscellaneous Settings Form
  • Force address to upper case.
  • Force city to upper case.
  • Set width of mailing labels.


Inventory Control - Settings/Features

Inventory Control Miscellaneous Settings Form
  • Place the cost field at the far right of the grid (so customers can't easily seeyour cost for an item).
  • Print each booth on a separate page.
  • Settings for the Special Size Price Tickets (SSPT) module.
    • Number of price tickets per Row.
    • Price ticket width.
    • Number of Rows of Price Tickets per Page.
    • Font size for bottom line of Price Tickets.
    • Show sample character string on bottom line.