The following customers have given us permission to publish the following information. Please feel free to contact them about our company, our software, and our service(s).

  Agostinho Teixeira; Satex Group, Aruba and Curacao
When we needed help with Visual dBASE and dBASE PLUS, Charles was there for us. He was both efficient and pleasant to work with. Even though we are quite some distance from Charles (our company, Satex Group, Aruba and Curacao, is located on the islands of Aruba and Curacao in the Dutch Antilles) his service was most satisfactory and we were able to complete the project via email. Charles is an accomplished programmer and did a wonderful job for us. He followed up with us and maintains regular contact. We are pleased with his service and recommend him.

  Paula Norton, owner; Paula Norton Photography; Cincinnati, OH
I am a commercial photographer and Charles has been managing my web site since 2006. He handles problems promptly, effects changes to my site quickly, and always does so in a professional manner. I highly recommend using his services.

  Betty-Ann Henderson, owner; Howard Rawlings Antiques; Old Hickory, TN
We've been running our antique mall with Data Management System (DMS) since 1996. I've trained 5 ladies to use the program, several of whom had no prior computer experience. Obviously, I am very pleased with the software, as well as Charles himself. I highly recommend DMS for your multi-dealer mall!

  B. Moton, owner; Stars Antique Market; Hermosa Beach, CA
I've been using the Data Management System (DMS) product for over 14 years and have found no other product that truly fits the need of my Antique Mall environment. The system is so easy to use and customize to my needs and best of all comes with a great support team that is just a phone call away.

  L. Falls-Hite, Calhoun Antique Mall, Calhoun, GA
We bought Data Management System (DMS) in Jan of 1994 and have been with Charles ever since. He does an incredible job and provides excellent service. I highly recommend that you get DMS for your mall.

  Kelly Camm, Development Director, 4 Paws for Ability, Inc.;
Charles' backed up my critical files which put me at ease for a worst case scenario. That means a lot in my fast-paced career. I am in awe of his concern and commitment to his work and am very glad that I was able to learn from someone who has not only the credentials, but the passion for this type of work. I admire his follow-up to ensure the work he did was satisfactory. Give him a call.... you won't be disappointed.

  A. Chalberg, President, Caprock Health Care, Inc., Austin, TX
We're very pleased with the prompt and complete service we've received from Charles Crume Software. We had a need for enhancements to a software application that we'd originally written ourselves, but didn't have the expertise to make the needed changes ourselves. Charles took the time to learn our program and our needs, and he provided the changes to our program quickly and in a most satisfactory way. Despite the distance between us, he has been very good about following up with us to see that he did indeed accomplish what we wanted. We recommend him, and will use him again.

  D. Eversole; Covington, KY
Charles fixed Windows XP on my son's laptop and installed anti-virus software. It's been working fine ever since.

So... when my laptop started acting goofy and displaying all kinds of popups, I took it to Charles. Like a magician with a magic wand... it was... abbra cadabbra and its' now working A-OK. Fantastic!!

  Jules W.; Covington, KY
When my HP laptop died, Charles got me a nice Dell that works great. He also setup my wireless network and connected my Epson 610 printer and blu-ray player to it. Fantastic job!!

  Jean S.; Covington, KY
Charles removed a virus from my computer, updated Windows, and helped me install other software when the company's directions were totally confusing.

He really knows computers and is pleasant to work with. He takes the time to explain what he is doing and why he is doing it.

The night my Samsung HDTV went POP, then died, I called Charles. Even though it was after 9:00 pm on a Friday night, he came right over. A few days later my TV was fixed and working like new!!