Charles is a self-taught photographer with several years of experience taking color slides and photographs across Europe -- West Germany (West Berlin, der Wannsee, Checkpoint Charlie, the Iron Curtain, et. al.), England (London, Warwick Castle, the town of Bath, Clacton on Sea, et. al.), Spain (Madrid/Zaragoza), and Greece (the Acropolis, Hydra, and the Temple of Zeus) are just a few of the locations that Charles visited and photographed.

Back then he used a 35mm Minolta SLR bayonet mount camera, fish-eye and tele-photo lenses, doublers and triplers (have some fantastic 630mm shots of East German guards on the Iron curtain) and numerous filters to get the desired effect.

Digital Photography, while invented in 1969, didn't arrive in the consumer market until 1994 with the Apple QuickTake 100. This camera featured a 640 x 480 pixel CCD, held eight images in internal memory, had a built-in flash, and connected to your computer via a serial cable.

Digital photography has undergone major technological changes in the past 15 years and has revolutionized the industry much as George Eastman did, back in 1884, with his invention of roll film, which brought photography into the mainstream.

Not only can we do so much more, but we accomplish, in days and hours, what used to take weeks.

During the days of film, one had to wait days for the photos to be developed and printed. And mistakes?? Well... that was just too bad, there is no chance to re-shoot.

Those days are over. With a digital camera, you can view the picture on the camera's LCD screen as soon as you take it. And... if you're not happy with it, you can delete it and take another.

Always working on-site, never in a studio, Charles specializes in candid, "capture the moment" images.

He takes high resolution images (5 megapixel or higher) and then refines, touches-up, and enhances those images, as necessary, using a variety of image manipulation tools.

No cookie cutter photos!!


We create a unique image of you and your business... for you.