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Article 1 - Eligibility: This site is available to our: 1) customers, 2) antique mall owners, and 3) the employees and dealers of our antique mall owners, who are legally registered with this site. People under the age of 18 are not eligible. If you do not meet these requirements, you are not eligible, NOR AUTHORIZED, to access/use this site.

Article 2 - Privacy: We gather certain information so that we can identify you, your antique mall, and/or your antique mall dealers (if you are uploading sales from DMS and allowing your dealers to view those sales) for the purposes of accessing and using this site. Personal information is not sold, rented, or used in any other way without your permission. We use 'cookies' and other methods to gather information regarding the access/use of this site. We ONLY use your e-mail address for contacting you when necessary.

Article 3 - Conditions of Service: This site acts only in providing a service for:

  1. Registered, and legally licensed, users of our software to download updates.
  2. Registered antique mall owners (and specifically designated representatives) to upload their dealer sales records from our Data Management System software.
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  4. Other customers that we have specifically permitted to use this site.

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Article 5 - Suspension or Termination: We are very serious in presenting a safe and pleasant venue for accessing the member's area of this site.

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  4. Here are some things that will get you suspended, or banned from this site:
    1. Providing false information when registering, such as a false name or fraudulent contact information.
    2. Accessing, or attempting to access, another user's information or an area of this site to which you have not been granted authorization.
    3. Attempts to compromise the safety, security, data integrity, service, or any other facet of this site.

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  3. If another user has a complaint with you, please establish a polite dialog with him or her to resolve the dispute to your mutual satisfaction.
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Your access to and/or use of this site marks your acceptance, IN FULL, of these Terms and Conditions!!! (Subject to change without notice.)